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27 - scripted animation series

Joanna is a rebellious teenager, who holds a unique and exceptional ability that runs in her family.

Joanna is able to visit the world of the dead, and meet people who are no longer alive.
This ability is a well-kept secret in Joanna's rich and snobbish family, and using it is Absolutely prohibited except in very exceptional cases.


Joanna's parents believe in strict education, and require her to be independent and support herself.

despite strict prohibition, Joanna decides to use her ability to get to the next world for the most selfish reason of making money.  and she does it by trading the dead artists  a delivery from this world, in return for a brand new song, which she later sells to the music industry for outrageous price.
Which explains how we keep getting new songs of dead artists all the time.

In each episode Joanna and her friends (who join her), will meet a different artist and will trade him for a new song that never been heard.

Among the artists we could find:

Kurt Cobain, David bowie, Michael Jackson, Freddie mercury, prince and many more.

The New songs of the late artists in the series will be recordings in the style of the artist, and not new or unheard original songs, of course.

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