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At age 27, Ashton’s life did not turn out the way he hoped it would.

Although life in 2091 New York is easy and comfortable,   without a job, money or girlfriend, Ashton must find creative ways to make a living.


So Ashton and his best friend Faroque decide to get into the drug world, and soon they find themselves in trouble with one of the most vicious mobsters around. Their only way to survive is to fly an unauthorized space ship to the new moon settlement, and to deliver the most narcotic plant on the galaxy to the most dangerous man in the world.


Will they succeed without hurting themselves or anyone else?

Of course not!


Anything that can go wrong – goes wrong, and the two drift into an insanely funny adventure, one that takes stoner films 70 years into the future and 360,000 miles away from earth.

Eshton's house
Mother Theresa
getting high
Yaara benbenishti
NY street
From the set
Omer barnea
Sapir levinhar be
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