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About me

I got my first video camera from my grandfather at the age of 12 , It was a 16 mm film camera and the film footage needed to be sent to a film laboratory in Europe for development.          

It took me over a month of waiting until I could view what I shot.

My first real job in the visual effects industry was at age 22 working on a HENRY computer that cost $100,000 and needed it's own room for cooling and maintenance.
The best effect it could do was to create mask on a video layer, and composite 2 layers of video together.


These days I create videos and visual effects  for some of the most popular TV shows, from my home computer,  and sometimes I finish the project just three hours before it is broadcast to a national audience for millions of viewers


There is no doubt that the world of video has changed drastically in the last thirty years  

film is gone, VHS tapes came and then VHS tapes disappeared with the DV taking its place.

Compact Discs were born and then eventually died, while HDV video cameras were born and died instantly.

PC, video cards, storage space, editing systems ...and of course cameras!


So today I'm 41 and  my home computer can produce commercials for the biggest companies  and comedy sketches for the most popular TV shows.

My phone can produce amazing slow motion video with 250 frames per second .

My camera sees clearly at night, things that my own eyes can't see

And videos I produce for clients from the other side of the globe are being sent instantaneously with one click of a button. 


So what's left?


What's left is to learn to use all these wonderful tools, develop my own style and my own visual language, and then write the funniest, brightest and most interesting scripts  that I can.   Because in the end all the computers, cameras, software and plug ins are just tools.  Tools for telling a story.

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