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Tina and Sophia are BFF who love to fool around, act silly and prank people whenever they get the chance.
When they discover that Tina's dad works in a tech company that develops a universal remote that can control every type of smartphone, they steel one of his beta models and rush out to test it on innocent people around them.  

With the ability to change the music on any device around them, to any song of their liking, the girls had launch a sadistic game in which they compete who will be the first to make a stranger smash his device in frustration. 

the way to make someone smash his smartphone is not that easy, and each girl will have to find the perfect combination of songs that will gradually build the listener frustration, without mistakenly play a song that he would enjoy, or alternatively bug him too much until he will be discourage and give up on listening to music at all.

The girls lookout over the street from their bedroom, they are looking out of the window and searching for a casual victim.
It can be a man in the bus stop, a jogging woman, a skater or even an aerobics class in a studio across the street.

once the girls choose their victim the camera zoom in on him, and the player (viewer) need to find the right combination in the right timing of the songs to bring the victim to the highest frustration level that will lead to him angrily smashing his phone.

its only reasonable that we will try to build a playlist which is the total opposite of what the person will usually hear, and we can only assume what a person would like or hate listening to, base on his appearance, age, style and gender.

For instance, a 19 years old skater will probably listen to alternative rock, When we'll change his music to a commercial pop (Katy perry , taylor swift), he will stop what he's doing and will try to fix his device.
now we need to bring back his original song, and let him continue with his activities.
In the second time we will change his playlist to country music, and we'll watch him getting really angry and curse…we will need to switch back fast to '21 pilots' before he'll be discourage and give up on music.
In the third time we gonna blast him with German opera, or maybe an oriental yamen music, until he'll get furious and slam his smartphone on the pavement.

Another example might be jogging woman who enjoy listening to taylor swist, but will be outrage if her music will change to ghetto hip hop or heavy metal.

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